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Roof Cleaning

We are Kent’s premiere roof cleaning and moss removal contractors. We pride ourselves on delivering amazing results using our LOW pressure steam clean methods, followed by a treatment to prevent re-growth. This allows us to back our works with a ‘3 Year Moss Free Guarantee’

Why have your roof cleaned?

Allowing your roof to remain contaminated can lead to a whole host of issues if not dealt with. Our roof cleaning and moss removal service can help tackle these issues head on and alleviate any future stress and bills, whilst also completely refreshing the entire look of your home increasing its value.

Prevent costly repair bills

Roof contamination such as moss can act like a sponge, soaking up the rain and moisture in the air, once the temperature drops the water turns to ice and expands. Any moss that is growing near lips of tiles or crevices can expand weakening the integrity of the tile causing them to crack and eventually fall away. Any water ingress into your home can also cause water damage to ceilings and walls, resulting in further repairs and redecoration required.

Prevent house damp

A big cause of house damp can derive directly from roof moss and other contamination on the roof building up and falling into gutters, and if not cleared can cause blockages, forcing water then up into, and behind, soffits and facia and create damp in the home.

Keep gutters clear of blockages

A build up of moss and other debris on the roof can cause significant damage to the home by blocking gutters. As well as potentially causing damp in the home by changing the natural flow direction of water, the weight of the contamination can also cause gutters to sag or even separate, and at worst be pulled away from their fixings.

Improve the look of your home

A large number of houseproud homeowners appreciate the amazing transformation a professional roof clean can have on their home. A fantastic looking home can be completely let down by a dirty roof. It’s proven that a professional roof clean can add upto £10,000 onto the value of a home, and on many occasions make the house look like a new build once again.

Why Choose Us

Safety Standards – No Foot On Tile Policy

Safety of your property and our teams are of paramount importance to us. We have a zero tolerance ‘No Foot On Tile Policy’ which means our teams will NEVER put a foot on any roof tile no matter the size or pitch of the property, thus protecting your roof and ensuring our team go home safely to their families at the end of the day. To achieve this we carry out the majority of roof cleaning in Kent via our fleet of cherry pickers.

3 YR Moss Free Guarantee

Once we have carried our your roof clean via low pressure ‘steam clean’ method, we apply a commercial grade biocide treatment to the whole roof tiled areas to prevent any regrowth for a number of years. We provide a 3 year guarantee against regrowth giving you the confidence that you are getting great value for money and paying right first time.

An example of window cleaning in Kent by CLEAN CCS LTD

FREE Bonus Package worth upto £300

As well as offering great value roof cleaning, we are currently providing the following additional cleaning package FREE of charge with every roof clean.

  • Gutters
  • Soffits and Facia
  • Windows and Frame

Best In Class Equipment

On average we attend most roof cleans in Kent with around £150,000 in vehicles and equipment to ensure we offer the best, safest and most efficient cleaning service possible. From cherry pickers to clean from, to van mounted pressure washing systems, and quality extendable cleaning lances, you can be rest assured your roof clean will be to the highest of standards possible. We have our own fleet of cherry pickers so there are no additional hire charges required.

An example of roof cleaning in Kent by CLEAN CCS LTD

Experienced Team

We have the most experienced team of professional roof cleaners in Kent. The team have been carrying out roof cleaning in Kent for many years, from small terraced houses to extremely large £8million country homes. From single story dwellings to five story town houses and larger commercial premises, there is no roof size the team have not cleaned or been unable to access with our varying access methods.

An example of a roof clean in Kent by CLEAN CCS LTD

Reliable, Friendly Service

We pride ourselves on not only delivering great standards of roof cleaning in Kent, but also offering great customer service. We offer an extremely friendly service from the outset, from the moment you enquire, to carrying out the site visit, and then the team completing the work. We take time out to explain the methods we use, and describe in detail what you can expect to receive with our roof cleaning package. We are there on the phone during the day, and even via WhatsApp in the evenings should you have any questions or like to book in.

Benefits of our
roof cleaning service

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Improve The Look Of Your Home

Why do you clean your car? because you want it to look great, and is a representation of who you are and the standards you live by. Then why not clean the the largest asset you will probably own, and have the biggest impact on the look of your home. A professional roof clean will transform the look of your home and give it that instant kerb appeal.

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Prevent Costly Repair Bills

Removing contamination such as moss, lichen, algae, dirt and other debris will extend the life of your roof, removing the risks associated that can damage tiles and the underlying roof structure, that in the long run can enable roof leaks and causing damage to ceilings and walls in the process. Roof cleaning also keeps gutters and downpipes clear of blockages that can result in damp in your home.

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3 Year Moss Free Guarantee

Where as many other roof cleaning companies carry out a standard roof clean that you may initially be happy with, if they don’t apply an appropriate treatment like we do then within a short timescale it will begin to grow back again. We believe in offering value for money and once treated we will offer you a 3 year guarantee against any regrowth! ensuring you get fantastic value for money.

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Free Bonus Package Worth Upto £300

We not only want your roof to look amazing, we want to leave your whole house looking refreshed. For this reason we are currently offering to clean your gutters, soffits and facia, and all your windows and frames for FREE as part of our standard roof clean service.

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No More Moss To Sweep Up

As trivial as this sounds, it is actually one of the most common reasons we find people look to get their roof cleaned in Kent. These balls of green organic matter becomes the bane of many peoples lives, constantly having to sweep up from the driveway, patio or from tops of cars. With our roof cleaning and treatment service you will have many years of ‘moss free living’.

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Increase the value of your home

Roof cleaning has been proven to increase the value of homes by up to as much as £10,000, and even more for higher value properties. Rather than seeing it as a small expense, it should be seen rather as an investment. We strongly urge homeowners that are looking to sell, to consider having us carry out a professional roof clean, as we have proven to not only add value, but achieve faster selling as it improves the kerb appeal with amazing first impressions.

How We Do It

Professional roof cleaning in Kent

It’s important to have your roof cleaned professionally, using an experienced roof cleaning company, with the relevant experience, and own the right equipment to not only achieve the desired results, but also to protect the integrity of your roof.

An example of roof cleaning in Kent by CLEAN CCS LTD

Roof Cleaning Enquiry

When you make an enquiry our friendly, knowledgeable team will spend the time to explain the different methods available to carry out a professional roof clean. We will either review your property online or in person, and discuss the most appropriate service solution for your type of property and tile. We then explain how we would access and carry out your roof clean to ensure we complete it efficiently and safely.

Roof Cleaning Quote

Site Visit

Cherry Picker Access

Mobile Tower Access

Steam Clean

Manual Scrape

Roof Clean Treatment

FREE Roof Report

After Care

Roof Cleaning Video

How to choose the right roof cleaning contractor

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Do your own research

There are many ways to investigate a roof cleaning company’s reputation and trade history. Most businesses now use social media so the work they do can be easily viewed and will quite often show you the quality of the service they deliver, plus you can usually check out their customer reviews on their Google profile. Any registered business can be viewed on Companies House.

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Trained and competent

Any reputable roof cleaning business will have some form of accreditations to look out for such as Safe contractor, ISO management system, or a membership to trade associations. These of course are not proof of great service but a good place to start as quite often can be expensive for any business to obtain and retain each year.

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Company image

How a business looks and portrays itself can speak volumes about the service that it provides. Do they have sign written vehicles, uniformed staff, does the website look good, do they have good equipment and how do they prepare their quotation to you? Just a few points to consider but if the company takes pride in all of this then it stands to reason they will take pride in their own work.

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Fully Insured

Any roof cleaning contractor who you ask to work on your home should have the correct insurance in place for the work they are due to carry out. Ask to see this before you appoint a roof cleaning contractor to start work on your home.

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Ratings and reviews

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Get balanced estimates

Once you have determined your requirements, obtain estimates from at least 2 or more roof cleaning companies to compare. Don’t automatically opt for the lowest bidder. Ask for an explanation to see if there’s a difference in methods, service package or guarantee offered.



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